General Information and About Me

Qualesit’s purpose is to provide both an avenue for my personal expressions and observations about who we are and why we think the way we think.  Topics will range from business to politics to sex to human nature to just about anything that interests me.  Comments are invited and absent spam and/or flaming remarks, will be posted without edits.  Freedom of thought and expression are supported and  your opinions matter as much as mine.

Qualesit’s name is from my favorite college class:  Theory and Literature of Rhetoric (RHCM 301, 302, and 303).  Professor Dominic LaRusso lead the discussions  (nearly 25  years later, I feel I can replicate them, if not word for word, at least in specific context –  Dominic LaRusso was simply the best educator I ever experienced and hopefully you will have had a similar experience as all of us should).

Dominic explained that there were three phases of questions:  An Sit (question of fact); Quid Sit (question of definition) and Qualesit (question of value).  The purpose of this blog is to question the values and ultimately commentary as to policy to implement the values desired.

For me, you can find more about me at www.verasage.com and look under founders.  I have a bio posted.  

I’ll update this page as time allows.


Thanks for reading,


Daniel D. Morris