Why is Evil Uncovered in Spurts?

As a supporter of the free market economy and the right of individuals to make independent decisions, I find it (at times) difficult to be a supporter when the frequency of immoral and illegal acts by businessmen and women so frequently are exposed.

Do we find more evil deeds simply because we are seeking them? Or, is the world a more evil and immoral place? I believe the previous but am concerned it could be the latter.

Government isn’t immuned to this either. Officials at many levels of regulatory obligations turn away from their obligations for various reasons. And the result is the agency will probably receive a bigger budget and for more internal oversight along with a reassignment of the individual involved.

Maybe our society simply comes to expect evil behavior or less then honest behaviors from so many. Think about your reactions to receiving too much change from your local Barista? Do you return it? Do you add it to the TIP jar? Do you put it in your pocket?

Evil people should be punished. Naive people should suffer a fools folly. Good people shouldn’t be shafted while the evil doers count their cash in the comfort of their homes.

It isn’t just. It isn’t right. It needs to be fixed and only WE THE PEOPLE can fix it.

Government can’t without US.
Business can’t without US.
Education can’t without US.

I guess it is up to US.

Will you join me? Lets make it better by each of US doing (as Dan Akroyd’s character in the movie “Getting Away with Murder” explained) ……”to lead a moral life, we must do more than is required and less than is allowed”.

Here’s the future that each of US will make of it. Choose wisely or we’ll reap our just results.